Michael Zyskind

CS Student - Web Developer - Game Developer


Computer Languages:
C++, C, JavaScript, PL/SQL, SQL, Python, C#, Java

Fluent In:
English, Russian, and Spanish

Completed coursework Includes: Database Systems, Content Management Systems, Data Structures, Data Analysis, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Object-Oriented Programming, Programming Language Concepts




My name is Mike and I'm currently an undergraduate studying Computer Science. I have been programming for almost a decade now and I never backed down from a challenge. Whenever I faced a challenging problem I approached it as a learning opportunity.

I've always wanted to create a video game. I grew up playing lots of video games, and as I learned programming I thought it would be a fun learning experience. It took awhile but I was able to eventually publish my first video game, Wild Runner, which I'm very proud of.

I've recently started practicing to draw and if you would like to see some of my work click the button below. Most of my art tends to be a mixture of 3D rendering and drawing.

Wild Runner - The Quickening

Run fast, run far in this wild epic of a brave adventurer lost in search of glory. Experience the thrills of running: Whether it be through caves, clouds, or some cabin. Customize your character, with bright and shiny colors, or try on a fancy hat. Play against your friends in competitive splitscreen, now with less competition. Come and check out the adventure for yourself.

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Wild Battle - The Quickest

An arena style FPS game with a vibrant twist. It will feature classic arena style gameplay but with one unique and vibrant twist. This project is currently a WIP and more info will be provided as it becomes available.

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Wild Fighter

Created for a game jam on Itch, this game is a timed bullet hell game. Race against the clock to collect all the stars to win.

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AP American History Class Project

A game that was ironically developed for a different class. It was designed to teach students of the AP American History class about important terminology and other key details of American History in a short multiple choice question style format while characters progress on a bord game. Players do get to review the questions they missed at the end.

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Need for dx/dt
(Practice Project)

This is a small project I worked on during high school. I had no tangible goals with this project other than to improve my skills and continue to practice and learn programming outside of the classroom.

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For an object oriented class I implemented my own version of a card game in Java following various design principles and other object oriented practices. What makes my version unique is that I modified the rules so that, in my own opinion, the game is easier to understand. My implementation is available to download at the link below.

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Heroes, Kaisers, Submarines

A complex card game intended to teach basic cooking by helping players understand the relations between the various ingredients.

The game itself isn't complete and most likely never will be completed.

Artwork by Joe.

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